Friday, March 8, 2013

Punchlines taglines of FMCG

FMCG Companies in India
The term FMCGs refers to those retail goods that are generally replaced or fully used up over a short period of days, weeks, or months, and within one year. This contrasts with durable goods or major appliances such as kitchen appliances, which are generally replaced over a period of several years.

FMCG have a short shelf life, either as a result of high consumer demand or because the product deteriorates rapidly. Some FMCGs – such as meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and baked goods – are highly perishable. Other goods such as alcohol, toiletries, pre-packaged foods, soft drinks and cleaning products have high turnover rates. An excellent example is a newspaper - every day's newspaper carries different content, making one useless just one day later, necessitating a new purchase every day.Though the absolute profit made on FMCG products is relatively small, they generally sell in large quantities, so the cumulative profit on such products can be substantial.
Fast-moving consumer electronics are a type of FMCG and are typically low priced generic or easily substitutable consumer electronics, including lower end mobile phones, MP3 players, game players, and digital cameras, which have a short usage life, typically a year or less, and as such are disposable.

The top FMCG companies in India with their taglines are as below:

Serial Company Tagline
1 ITC 100 Inspiring Years
2 Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) Small Actions, Big Difference
3 Nestlé India Good Food, Good Life
4 Dabur India Celebrate Life
5 Godrej Consumer Products Limited Brighter Life
6 Procter & Gamble Touching lives improving life
7 Colgate Palmolive Colgate World of Care
8 Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare Do more, feel better, live longer
9 Marico Be more everyday
10 Johnson & Johnson The Family Company
11 Amway We are Listening
12 Reckitt Benkiser Health Hygiene Home
13 Britannia Industries Limited Zindagi mein life
14 Cadbury India Limited Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye

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